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Sangatikarana Corporate Services, founded in 2010 in Mumbai, India, is a versatile firm specializing in consulting, training, and coaching services aimed at driving sustainable business growth. The company caters to various industries, encompassing healthcare, consumer products, engineering, agriculture, and IT. With a diverse clientele, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large multi national corporations, Sangatikarana is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes in achieving their objectives.


Our training includes essential sales and marketing skills such as selling, key account management, tender conversion, customer acquisition and retention, team optimization, and channel partner management. We also focus on communication, conflict resolution, and financial decision-making to produce well-rounded experts.


Elevate your enterprise through expert consulting. Our seasoned consultants specialize in propelling businesses to new heights. From visionary strategy formulation to meticulous execution, we fuel growth. Let us sculpt your roadmap to success with precise goal setting and comprehensive business plan writing. Prosperity awaits.

Leadership Coaching

Gain leadership skills with our coaching. Our program includes one-on-one sessions, executive coaching, and immersive experiences. Learn through strategic role plays, management simulations, and capstone projects to grow your enterprise. Empower your leaders to drive success.

GTM India

We help International medical device manufacturers enter Indian healthcare market. Our services include business setup, market research, legal framework establishment, hiring, channel development, Key account connect and KOL relations. We support access to key accounts, clinics, nursing homes, physicians, payers, and patients across South Asia.

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Services offered

Real and Sustainable Results:

We are dedicated to deliver tangible, sustainable change for your business.

Consulting Services

From Defining Business Objectives to Strategy Formulation and Execution

Human Competency Development

Application Oriented training Programs Designed to Influence the Practice

Market research

Data, Insights and Intelligence required to take Strategic Decisions

Women Leadership Development Program

An International Program Designed to Develop the Bench Strength Of Women Leaders

Online Interventions for Building Marketing Capabilities

Create World Class Brands Through Marketing Excellence Programs/Campaigns

Go To Market - India (Medical Devices & Equipment)

Exploit the Potential Of Indian Market Through Robust Foundations and Plans

The “Leaders' Academy”

Uniquely Designed Program Combining Business Lessons and Coaching Intervention

Mentoring Startups

A Journey From Idea to Commercialization Supported by Industry Experienced Mentors

Customized Programs

We Design and Deliver Customized Programs Helping to Overcome their Business Challenges

Industry Experienced and accomplished trainers, mentors and consultants

Our experienced team of trainers, mentors, and consultants have unparalleled industry knowledge and skills to help individuals and organizations succeed. With leading-edge techniques and cutting-edge skills, we can help you reach new levels of success. Discover how we can improve your performance and that of your team today.

Ramu Shankarrao

Founder, Lead Trainer and Consultant


Sales force Effectiveness Coach

Waimin Foo

Lead Trainer

Our Clients

We have a demonstrated track record of adding significant value to businesses across various industries.

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